Welcome Happy People!


hello You are currently reading my first blog post…EVER…on maryrosetimko.com. WOWZAS. So–maybe you have read my fashion blog posts for my college’s newspaper, The Tack, or maybe you simply stumbled across this site on accident, or maybe you just love me. (: Whatever reason it may be, I am so incredibly thankful that you are here! Fashion has always been my love. I enjoy shopping, styling, and {more recently} blogging! I have noticed throughout my life more and more people looking to me for fashion advice, which is actually quite amazing! Although my style is very here and there in my opinion, others seem to like it. I hope you have found a bit of interest in getting to know my style. If you find that you love my style, I would LOVE for you to share my site with your friends, family, and I don’t know…maybe strangers. HA. My love for beauty is an extremely close second to my love for fashion. I enjoy spending countless hours watching Jaclyn Hill and Tiffany D create amazing makeup looks on YouTube. I think spending so much time watching has most definitely paid off. I like to consider myself a full on makeup addict! {Sometimes this can be a serious problem}. I have some unique and interesting tips and tricks that may help you feel more confident within your own beauty routine. Finally, I am a really happy person. I try my very best to always see the bright side of life, no matter what the situation. I have been blessed in so many ways and could not be more thankful for everything and everyone in my life. I hope my happiness and love of life can be an inspiration and motivation for your life. Each of my blog posts will end with a quote in hopes that you may leave a bit happier. That is my goal. I cannot thank you enough for reading this post, and I hope you will continue to follow my blogging journey. Please tell everyone you know to check out my blog. I would appreciate it more than you can ever imagine! happyquote1

 “Never dim anyone else’s light so that you can shine. Just shine.” –Pinterest

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