Rain, Trains, + Baseball


Impromptu road trips always seem to be the most fun. Bobby loves the Twins, and I love the Mall of America, so inevitably Minneapolis is our place. On Tuesday we were on our way, making a pact that he wouldn’t yell at me for giving him directions, and I wouldn’t yell at him for his driving. (: Turns out the entire Midwest was experiencing a monsoon on Tuesday and we drove in pouring rain the entire way there. I am a diehard fan of ran so I didn’t mind; however Bobby was not as thrilled, considering we were headed to a Twins baseball game.

Because of the torrential downpour we opted for the Mall of America on Tuesday night, and the Wednesday afternoon game. We stayed at my aunt Linda’s house, and she gave us the ropes on the train system in Minneapolis. We thought it might be more convenient to take the train to the mall instead of dealing with rush hour. Turns out we are dumb. The train ride was approximately an hour and 15 minutes, a trip that would normally take around 30 minutes from my aunt’s house. It was okay though…..just more bonding time.

I only got about 2 hours of shopping in (I know…it was extremely hard for me to deal with at the time), before we had to take the train back to my aunts house. We decided to spend our hour long train ride taking selfies with my new REMOTE CONTROL! Yes, you read right. I have a remote control that hooks up to my phone to take pictures with!

Exhibit A–

Wednesday morning we got up and got right back on the train (the place we spent the most time on this trip). We arrived at Target Field, bought our tickets, and were ready for some baseball–at least an hour early I might add. Bobby loves the Twins and I love baseball, so going to games is always an experience for us. We stuffed our faces, laughed a lot, and saw a great game (Twins won). It was the perfect day (minus the dripping sweat on my neck and the cute tan marks I got from the rips in my jeans).

After all is said and done this was one of my favorite road trips with Bobby so far. Anytime spent together is an adventure and this was most definitely one for the books. I hope you enjoyed reading my first Happy Things post. These probably will not be a frequent thing here on maryrosetimko.com, but sharing my life experiences every once in a while is important to me. Thanks so incredibly much for taking the time to check out my blog!


“Actually, the best gift you could have given her was a lifetime of adventures..” Lewis Carroll (Alice in Wonderland)

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2 thoughts on “Rain, Trains, + Baseball

  1. wow…Mary and Bob sounds like you had a awesome time!!! Ol’ by the way you two were cute when you were young too!!! Continue to enjoy.
    Love your blogs


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