June Favorites!

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Every month I am going to be featuring my FAVORITES in a post. These will consist of my most worn clothing pieces, accessories, and beauty products. It will also simply include things I am loving at the moment!! I am still learning how to take pictures of products in a layout form so bear with me…they will improve!! Let’s check out my favorites of JUNE!! [legit sad that June is already over….ughhhh]

[top: maurices]

Of course I am always into bright colors for summer. Whether it be in clothing, jewelry, or nail polish. But my ABSOLUTE favorite color of Summer 2015 would most definitely be teal! The great thing about this color is that it makes such a statement! I personally adore this top from Maurice’s because of the detailing along the arms! Teal can be worn with black and white [of course], denim, or even another bold color [like coral!].

[hat: h&m]

If you check up on my blog regularly [and you definitely should ;)] then you have already seen this hat featured in an outfit post. I am absolutely IN LOVE with this hat. It screams summer. Hats are huge for the summer because they protect you from the rays as well as give off that nautical vibe. TRUST ME…you can rock a hat!

[nail polish: essie’s peach daquiri]

This color has been on my nails for weeks now. You know I love a nail color when I repaint my nails multiple times with that same color!! Although Essie polishes tend to be pricey the formula is my favorite! They last much longer than a lot of drugstore paints. If you don’t want to drop $8 on a nail polish this coral color can be found in many other lines!! PS…this color looks SO GOOD with a summer tan!

[self-tan: jergen’s natural glow foaming daily moisturizer in medium to tan]

I simply haven’t had time to spend my days laying out catching some sun. Jergen’s has been my best friend. Now I know some people HATE this product while some [like myself] LOVE it. Here is the deal. I really do not like the lotion formula, however the foam is AMAZING! I also recommend to get the medium to tan even if you are super pale, otherwise you may not see a difference at all. Also, be generous when applying and make sure to rub in circular motions. OH….and wash your hands afterwards…..unless you want to look like you just got into a bag of Cheetos. LOL.

[sunglasses: forever 21]

I purchased these really cool reflective sunglasses when I was in Minneapolis and I have got so much wear out of them this summer. You can’t totally tell but mine reflect green/blue. They look so cool in photos and I have seen reflective glasses all over Pinterest lately. I definitely recommend getting yourself a pair! They also work great as an emergency mirror! (:

[shirt: forever 21]

Although I do love this crop top, my actual “favorite” is pineapples!! I have seen pineapples on phone cases, sweatshirts, swimsuits, + so much more!!! They are absolutely everywhere this summer and although I don’t like eating pineapples, I love wearing them! They are such a fun, happy, and colorful print for the summertime!

[necklace: forever 21 (similar)]

I have been throwing on statement necklaces with everything this month. I also have purchased way too many! The great thing about them is that people notice them right away, and I often receive compliments or questions about them! I personally prefer gold over silver, especially in the summer, but either is great! Even a colorful statement piece would be great!!

[lipstick: kat von d everlasting liquid lipstick in bauhau5]

You didn’t think I would forget to include my bright purple lipstick in my favorites did you?! I have been completely and utterly in love with this product. The lasting power is unreal. The color screams summer! I wrote an entire post about lip colors for summer that you should check out! This is an ESSENTIAL for me this month!!

[shoes: forever 21]

Gladiators slowly made their way into the fashion world over the last few summers. This year we are seeing so many calf high, knee high, and even thigh high gladiators. I am so glad I chose a brown pair because they go with so many outfits! I also think they make a great statement without being too over the top! I highly recommend a pair of gladiators for your summer dresses and rompers!

[facial cleanser: glamglow supercleanse daily cleanser]

Ok…I’m not going to lie..this stuff is pricey. BUT it is so incredibly amazing. Although lately I haven’t had any terrible breakouts or acne flare ups I have had a pimple here and there. When I can feel one coming on I use this cleanser before bed. I wake up in the morning without a single blemish. I am telling you my face feels SO incredibly clean!! Plus I love the cooling effect of this product. It is amazing!!!

11. YOU!!!!!!!

You have been my final favorite of the month. I cannot thank you enough for all of the support and love I have received throughout my first month as a blogger. I am having an absolute blast and I hope you all know how thankful I am for each and every one of you!! Thank you from the bottom, middle, and top of my heart! You are amazing.

“To the ones who still believe in dreams: Chase them. Chase them until you’re out of breath. Then, keep running.”

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  1. You really gave some good advice on your ‘fav’ things! Always enjoy reading your blog! Keep ’em coming!!!! 🙋🏼💗💅🏼💋👍🏼

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