The Style Behind the Camera!


I find myself being one of the luckiest girls EVER when it comes to friends. Somehow the absolute greatest people end up by my side and I couldn’t be more thankful for that. Jaz and I go way back, like diapers + spit up way back…[too far?] She has always supported me in life and has never left my side. She even takes all of my blog pictures for me and I could not be more thankful. If this girl isn’t wearing my clothes [haha] then she is wearing stripes, denim, plaid or something along those lines. Jaz has an effortless, simple style that I seriously envy. Here are a few of the outfits “behind the camera.”

Outfit 1





I am literally obsessed with every single part of this outfit. She always finds the greatest simple pieces that can be worn a ton of ways. This was her 4th of July outfit and I wanted to steal every piece. I love plaid, even in the summertime and the tank top cut made it great for the heat. Her high waisted shorts were too cute. They had a unique shape to them and could be worn with a lot!

Outfit 2



DRESS: PacSun// BOOTIES: Charlotte Russe


I have seen this dress so many places since we took these pictures. It is a Brandy Melville dress from PacSun and I have seen some of my favorite bloggers and YouTubers in this dress. The cut and print are so adorable for summer. She threw on some brown booties which are one of my fav go to shoes for summer!! I absolutely LOVE this look.

Outfit 3





The last and simplest outfit is totally Jasmine. I actually own those shorts and they are one of my favorite pairs I own. The color is neutral but still unique and the distressing is a great carefree look. Her simple gray tank can be worn a billion different ways! I love this look for just everyday summer wear.

I really could not be more thankful for this girl in my life. She has been through every up and down life has thrown my way and she always keeps me smiling! She is the best. And thank you so so so so much for reading!! You are the best too! 🙂

happyquote1“Invest in people who invest in you.” -The Alison Show

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