Back To School Musts!

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I know. It’s kind of sad that we are thinking about back to school ALREADY! I literally move back on campus in less than a month. [crying…crying…crying] There is however one part of back to school that I love. Apparently “Back to School Shopping” is a thing. As a catholic school girl I never had this opportunity. Now that I am in college I get to shop before school!! These are some of my musts for the school year!

[buy this kate spade one here]

I know I always need a planner. It keeps me organized…as if being organized is possible for me. I had this different Kate Spade planner last year and received literally TONS of compliments on it. I think it is perfectly okay to splurge on an agenda girl!

[buy this case cover here]

I have seen marbled phone cases + computer cases ALLLLLL OVER Instagram and Pinterest in the last few months and I am casually obsessed. They are so adorable. I am purchasing a new laptop pretty soon and this case from Amazon will definitely be on my shopping list!

[buy these {super expensive but oh so cute} headphones here]

I love the metallic earbuds and headphones. Forever 21 has an amazing pair of metallic headphones that I love, but cannot get myself to buy. I have a cheapo pair from Walgreens that work just fine, but trust me…2 or 3 pairs are necessary in college!

[find this super super duper cute backpack here]

PacSun has the absolute cutest backbacks in the world right now, at fairly reasonable prices. I purchased one from PacSun my senior year of high school and it still is in great condition. They do run a bit small so make sure to check the measurements so your laptop fits perfectly!

[browse through all of the bkrs here]

The trendiest water bottle you will ever know is a bkr. I finally got myself to splurge on one after Steph bought one. I have seen them in tons of Instagram pics. They are awesome because the bottle is actually glass and the coats are interchangeable. I purchased this one and am impatiently awaiting its arrival on my doorstep!!

I hope you are planning to add a few of these items to your back to school shopping list!! I thank you kindly for stopping by and I hope you will share!! As always I cannot thank you enough for reading. You are amazing!!!!


“Let your smile change the world, but don’t let the world change your smile.” -Pinterest 

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