Camera Roll Catch Up

Hello Lovelies!!

I feel awful about not posting in what feels like forever! The truth is that I have truly been catching up with friends, catching up at school, and catching up in life. Although throwing together a lower quality blog post happens now and then, just for the sake of posting, I truly despise doing that. I thought I would just write a quick post sharing some of my favorite pictures of my few weeks away from my blog. I hope you understand and enjoy!

Oh and ps……I decided on a new theme for my website! The new theme is so much more simple and organized. I also love all of the black and white going on. Let me know what you think! As always thanks for reading. Oh and hi to my new email followers 🙂 I truly appreciate it!

Heres a look at my favs from my camera roll over the past few weeks:

madisonleighThe sister I never had.
minionsI AM A MINION
Sweet friends, Kaylie and Kiley.

Bob and I went to see Sam Hunt and you could say I’m in love (with both of them).scout

We almost lost this little guy this month. He thought it would be cool to swallow a spool of thread. Silly Phoebe/Scout/Little Red.

Always always always thankful for Sociology 101. Meeting this girl changed my life.
suitiesMy suities for the year!!

Happy Quote:

“Be picky about who you keep around. Personalities, words, and traits do rub off naturally” -Pinterest



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