“Fall”ing in Friendship Love








Hello Lovelies,

You know those people that instantly make you happier the second you are around them?Stephanie is one of those people for me. We met at orientation as little baby freshmen, but didn’t become good friends until I (luckily) grabbed a seat next to her in our Sociology gen ed class. We studied for the tests together and quickly bonded over my awkwardness and stupid sense of humor. She is always pushing me to try new things and to be myself no matter what. That is a true friend.

We decided to collab on this post because she loves fashion just as much as I do. Now that she is working at Total Concept, she has been wearing the cutest fall sweaters and I am so jealous. We decided to do casual fall/winter looks that anyone could quickly throw on! The amount of fun we had taking these pictures is unreal. We laughed, got bug bites, and climbed trees. It was amazing.

Steph is wearing this gorgeous color blocked, oversized sweater from Total Concept. Having sweaters like these in your closet make getting ready in the morning so easy! We both stuck with denim for our looks. You could wear this sweater with leggings, over dresses, or even with colored denim. The list is endless. She is such a little cutie.

I am wearing a gray t shirt, something lots of people already own. Accessorizing with hats and scarves always make a subtle statement. I got this giant blanket scarf from Sugar Bowl and already know I will be wearing it a ton over the next few seasons. I am pretty sure the hat is my dad’s that I stole and I am assuming it is from Wal-Mart!

Honestly fashion doesn’t have to be elaborate or fancy. It can be comfy and casual. Be yourself when you are getting dressed and don’t be afraid to dress for comfort. You won’t ever regret that one!

Thanks for reading this post featuring my beautiful bestie!! I know we will be collaborating more in the future!

Stephanie’s Blog Here

Happy Quote:

“Surround yourself with people who make you hungry for life, touch your heart, and feed your soul.” -Pinterest



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