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Photos by: Stephanie Steiner and yes…they were taken back in the beautiful fall weather..before this poopy snow. ):

Jeans: PacSun // Cropped Sweatshirt: F21 // Shoes: Converse // Beanie: AE

Sometimes the outfits you don’t necessarily try hard to put together turn out to be the cutest! I love this old sweatshirt I had in my closet and think that deep pinks and maroons are so fitting for the winter season. Plus it is crazy warm. My high wasted BF jeans are my absolute favorite for this season and the rips add a bit more grunge. BF jeans can be so hit or miss, as I have said before but I absolutely love everything about these ones.

Pairing capris with ankle booties, high top sneakers, or high top flats is a different take on covering up for the coolness. It is a different type of balance! I went with the blue beanie because there were subtle hints of blue in my sweatshirt. Picking out accent colors will never lead you astray, just don’t overdo it! You will be stylin’ in no time!

Thank you so so so so so much for reading and I hope you get a bit of inspiration from a look every once in a while. Get my posts sent straight to your inbox by entering your email address over on the right side of the home page! I love YOU so much.

Happy Quote:

 “Don’t let the silly little things steal your happiness.” – Pinterest



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