Camera Roll Wrap-up!

Hello people,
Here are some of my most recent pics! These are my favorite snaps from my VSCO, Instagram, and just randos. I would love for you to check it out and to subscribe via email to my website. Leggggo. 🙂

12695408_10153386820028133_1371113099_oHBD to Al and Casey, even though this picture only includes Al..

12696298_10153386838693133_1284632104_oThe BV snow day was a nice reminder that we are still kids and even when life is stressful it’s still pretty amazing.

12675248_10153386819513133_1157950896_oThe irony…

12695238_10153386838653133_1780903312_oYes, this was taken in my bathroom…Steph is trying to teach me how to be better at Instagram 🙂

12696895_10153386820538133_1317507970_oHave you checked out my latest fashion post? I am in love with this outfit.

12736805_10153386819533133_1767072326_oI have really gotten into VSCO lately. I love that you can add pictures without feeling judged, because “liking” isn’t an option. It’s a cool app and I take pride in my VSCO grid. 🙂

12736813_10153386819253133_92913395_oMy J-Term class was a creativity class + I decided to do a little photography of..well…old photographs. I love this one.

Thanks for looking and reading and being you. Happy Ash Wednesday!

“If you want to learn what someone fears losing, watch what they photograph.” -Pinterest



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