What’s Your Secret?

Hmmm. Well that is a really tough question. Secret? There isn’t one…

Relationships are actually really really hard. People love a good high school sweetheart story, but in reality they don’t realize that we went through the “finding yourself” stage together and that stage is anything but sweet. High school is awkward. College is hard. We aren’t the same people we were when he asked me to be his girlfriend in Andy’s backyard. We are different. Really really different.

People ask us how long we have been together and we really don’t know what to say. We met as babies, we knew each other in middle school, and we love each other now. That leaves out the break-up, the fights, the bawling on my pillow when he graduated from high school, the skipped parties, and having to share our food with each other. It leaves out the car rides, concerts, movie dates, snuggles, trips, laughs, and naps.

You get to see the pictures. We get the real thing. And yes, relationships are really really hard. They require trust, honesty, respect, trust, compromise, forgiveness, trust, trust, trust…but when it’s the right person it just works out. It works out so beautifully. Every single stage we have been through together makes up who we are and who we are together is incredible.

So the secret? Everyone’s is different, but ours is each other. We just belong.

Happy Valentine’s Day to the boy who stole my heart in 8th grade and who gets to keep it for life.

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One thought on “What’s Your Secret?

  1. Good Morming. Loved reading this love story of you and Bobby. We LOVE you two. We have known you two for a long time. Wish you lots more love and trust in the future. Happy Valentines Day. Love Rita and Mark

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