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Hello hello lovelies,

Today we are talking about my fav denim! I always find denim to be tricky for a couple reasons. First of all I have really short, curvy legs. I also am a college student on a budget. I also find it hard to stay up to date on all the denim trends. So, I decided to share with you my favorite places to get jeans, the sizing situation, and my favorite currents trends!

I have 4 pairs of jeans that I am constantly rotating between so those are the ones I am going to talk about today. I have lots of jeans, but I seem to reach for these ones the most. P.S. in order to get the most out of me sharing my sizing I will share my height with you. I am around 5′ 5″ and would say I have an abnormally long torso and abnormally short legs.

1. Extreme Legging – American Eagle


I am SO SO SO glad I snagged these when I did because they are my absolute favs. First of all they are soft, like not just kind of soft, they are velvet soft. They are also extremely stretchy and the best part??…American Eagle does short sizes. I wouldn’t say I am a short person, but I do have short legs and often times have to roll my jeans. I wear a size 2 short in American Eagle Extreme Leggings and they are my absolute go-to’s. I looked on their site and couldn’t find this wash, but they do have them in black and on sale right now!!

2. Distressed Boyfriend Jeans – PacSun (Similar)


The boyfriend jean trend drove me nuts. First of all they really only flatter the tiniest of humans. Second of all, I never ever understood why I would want a baggy pair of jeans on my body. This pair is indeed a boyfriend style, however they are capri length. Since it is winter I typically wear boots or high socks with them to keep my ankles warm. The great thing about this particular pair is that they fit my thigh like a normal pair of skinny jeans, but then get baggy around my knee and calf, making the whole boyfriend situation much more flattering on my body type. I think you just have to find your pair! These were on clearance at a Pacsun outlet and they are a size 3 but they can be found ANYWHERE!!

3. American Eagle Dark Wash Jegging 


Every teenage/college girl owns this pair of jeans I swear. I know Halie, Maddie, and a billion other friends of mine own these. They are the best because they are extremely flattering. I wasn’t able to find these in short, but the regulars are not terribly long, and I often roll them to my ankles. I wear a size 2 in these, but would be comfortable in a size up as well. I recommend trying these ones on because although they are jeggings, they are much more of a stiff denim than the Extreme Leggings are. I personally love American Eagle because of the quality of the denim. Also the price is great for people like me who are on a budget. Sure, I would love a pair of Joe’s Jeans but that’s just not gonna happen!

4. Black Distressed Denim Pants – SheIn


Funny story behind these. I received these and was so disappointed when I saw that one of the back of the legs was ripped as well. I thought it was a mistake and emailed SheIn. They got back to me sharing that they are made that way and that was the look they were going for….awko taco. Anyways, I have already wore these at least 4 times since I got them a few weeks ago and I know they will be favorites for a long time. They were under $20 and they are extremely trendy. I got these in a medium and I definitely recommend reading the reviews on items before purchasing them from SheIn. I think the medium fits perfectly! Black distressing goes with SO MUCH and I can’t wait to wear them into the spring!

Thank you so incredibly much for reading and I hope you enjoyed a different type of post! Please feel free to let me know thoughts!! You are amazing and I am thankful for everyone who takes the time to read my posts!

Happy Quote:

“Do not be anxious about anything.” -Phillipians 4:6-7


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