It’s Just Hair

I recently chopped all of my hair off. And by all I mean like 6 inches, but still…that is a lot for someone who has never had short hair. It was on a whim. A complete whim. Maybe that is why I was struggling with it so much at first. I know what you are thinking, “struggling?..with a hair cut? Talk about a first world problem.” In reality it goes a lot deeper than a different look.


1.This Rocks Stage

Sitting in the chair I was loving absolutely every minute of it. I didn’t have a second of doubt the entire time I was in the chair. When I got home the feelings were quickly altered.

“It is just hair. Change is good. Who cares. Rock it. etc. etc. happy happy love life etc.”

2. Majorly Confused Stage

I walk into my house after the haircut. My mom says she likes it, because well…she is my mom. Even if she hated it she would tell me that she likes it. My dad walks into the room and doesn’t even notice…typical Rog. When I finally tell him he notices my uneasy feeling and answers with a witty Roger comment. “You look like Jennifer Aniston. Watch out for those middle-aged men.” Thanks Dad…I think. I looked into the mirror every 20 seconds hoping to channel my inner Rachel Green, but instead developing a stomach ache.

“Hmm. Maybe this was a bad idea. I look weird now. People are going to think I made a mistake. I DID make a mistake. It doesn’t even fit into a pony tail. ugggghhhhh.”

3. Letting Other People’s Opinions Matter Stage

As I tell my closest friends I find myself on a majorly high pedestal. “You look great! I love your haircut. It looks so nice! Short hair looks great on you.” Quick S/O to you people. You rock. But then…showing off the new do to people who are supposed to love you no matter what is a little frightening. You aren’t sure how you feel about it yourself. But then…BAM…pedestal instantly pulled out from under you after hearing the words, “…..You don’t really look like the same person.”

“This was a mistake. I should have known they wouldn’t like it. Let me go out and stuff my face with Biotin. Other’s opinions matter. I am stupid. I am ugly. People only like me with long hair. People only like me for looks.”

After talking to my mom about this situation she told me, “You are beautiful no matter what!!” Yup..a cliche momism but instantly taking me to stage 4.

4. Hair is Just Hair Stage

My mom dealt with stage 3 breast cancer when I was 7. She didn’t have hair from December until April. She told me that the only time she remembers crying during the entire process was when her hair fell out. It fell out in her hand, in the shower, on her pillow….and I am complaining about my haircut.

She walked around our house with a cute bald head. Our cat liked to snuggle up on her bald head, which goes to show that cats are the greatest. After reading my mom’s message, “You are beautiful no matter what!!” it finally hit me. Back then I didn’t care if she had hair or not. She was my mom, my hero, the greatest human in the world, and she was getting better. That is all I cared about as a 7 year old. It was far far more than hair.

Side note: I was in 2nd grade so I actually enjoyed the fact that I got to wear wigs around the house. (Also prosthetic breasts but thats a story for a different day LOL!)

The point is hair is just hair. It is going to grow back. Whether you have long hair, short hair, or no hair…it is just hair and doesn’t mean a whole lot when you look at the person underneath of it.

“I am beautiful no matter what!!”



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