How I edit my Instagram Pics!

Lately I have been taking my Instagram profile more seriously. I have worked hard to create more of a theme to my feed and it has been working out really well for me! I only really use 2  editing apps frequently. I will start by sharing which apps I like and then show you screenshots of me editing a picture to fit my Insta theme!



This app is my life currently. Not only do I use it to edit every single one of my pictures, but I also have been using the social aspect as well. It is very similar to Instagram, however you do not receive or give “likes.” It takes away the growing epidemic of living for a like.

Ultimately there are more filters than any other apps I have used. One little tip for you VSCO users is that in the “Store” section of the app there are actually free apps that you can download to your filter page. This is actually where I got the filters I use the most, rather than the ones that it comes with. (Thanks, Steph, for that little tip.) I highly recommend this app, even if it is just for the editing of your pictures. (I’ll show you how I use it later on in the post!)



This app is a one trick pony for me, but is important in maintaining my theme. The theme I try to focus on is white (or close) + bright backgrounds. If it doesn’t have a white background and I really want to Insta it I will either make it black and white or just really brighten it so until it flows well.

This Facetune app is normally used to smooth your face, whiten your teeth, etc.but  I use it solely for the “Whiten” tool, and I don’t actually use it on my teeth. I use this tool for the backgrounds of my pictures. I whiten the backgrounds until it is as white as I want. I will show you this later!

One trick with it is that you can only whiten it to a certain degree of whiteness, but by saving the photo and re-uploading it to the app you can whiten it even more. Also I don’t whiten the entire picture, only the parts that I want to be brighter!


Before showing you the steps to my editing process, I will tell you a few tips in making the process easier.

-Be conscious of your backgrounds. If you are going for a certain theme try to take lots of pictures that fit that theme. If you like pops of a certain color make sure to focus on that color.

-Always take your pictures in the “Square” mode. This tip was much more important when Instagram didn’t reformat your pictures to adjust to your picture shape, but instead would cut it off to the square shape. I still like all of my pictures to be square, so I either make sure they are taken in the “Square” camera or I crop it to a square before editing it!

-Find a theme that you think you can maintain. My friend Jasmine always adds a white border around her photos and it really brings a nice flow to her feed. Using the same filter helps, or capturing like colors helps. Look for inspiration and do not be afraid to change it up!

Editing a Picture:

Before/After: (they uploaded blurry, unfortunately)

12899729_10153510279328133_1016688455_n 12910212_10153503753748133_1192350823_n

Step 1:

Choose your photo and if it isn’t already, crop it to a square. When choosing a photo I typically choose one that already has a light background. If I doesn’t it’s ok..I can work with it.

Step 2:

Upload your cropped photo to VSCO and filter it. For my Instagram theme I almost always choose A5 or A6 presets. These are both presets that have to be downloaded from the store like I mentioned. They are free though! A6 brightens the photos up to really fit my bright theme, but can be really harsh. When you click on the preset for a second time you can adjust the strength. I typically move the strength of the preset down to about half, or 6. Once the filter is good to go I can move on.

Note: When the photo just doesn’t fit my theme but I really want to upload it I will use the B&W preset B1 (I believe I had to download this preset from the store, too but I can’t remember!)


Step 3:

I then press the tool bar section of VSCO to make a few adjustments to the photo. First of all, I will press the sun icon to adjust the exposure (brightness). This can be really strong so I typically only brighten it up one or two notches.

Then about halfway through the toolbar there is a box that looks to have a gradient of gray in it. This is the saturation button. If the brightness makes my skin look too pale or harsh I will add one to two notches of saturation as well. Those are the only tools I really ever use!

I then save the photo to my library and then to my camera roll from there.



Step 4:

This is where Facetune comes in. I upload the photo that I just edited in VSCO to Facetune to whiten up the background. Pressing the whiten tool first, I will then swipe my finger back and forth as if I am drawing on it to create a whiter background. I typically only whiten one time but if the picture is dark I re-upload and whiten again. The pictures you see have only been whitened one time.




My photo is now ready for Instagram.


Thanks for reading. I hope this helps someone who is having trouble with their Instagram pictures! Let me know if you like posts like these, because it was really fun to create! Have a great rest of your week guys!

Remember, it is just Instagram.The amount of likes and follows will never ever define you.


“Your life isn’t yours if you constantly worry what other people think.” – Pinterest


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