Sugar Bowl: My Second Home


Sugar Bowl,

Thank you all for being my second family and allowing this place to be my second home throughout the years. I started after my 8th grade year and was extremely quiet and shy at work. I did a lot of gift wrapping and well…walking around. 🙂 Little did I know this place would quickly become my second home. You have all taught me so much. You taught me how to treat others, how to deal with challenges, how to step outside of my comfort zone, and how to smile when I didn’t want to. A bad day always turned around the moment I stepped up those jagged cement steps into my happy place.

There are many memories I will never forget at the Sugar Bowl:

-Molly Wilson giving the little 14-year-old a chance. (This pic is absolutely gross but was my first picture at SB and was taken when I was doing freight my first summer.)


-The first time I was sent home because my dress was too short. Hahahahaha (yeah yeah I cried a lot—but also learned my lesson).

-The first time my display got changed. Turns out that happens quite frequently at SB and you can’t take it personally.


-Britt’s life advice and willingness to listen. Also her post vacation story will probably stick with me for awhile…

– The time Mandy and I told each other all of our spooky stories about our haunted houses, creepy neighbors, and ghosts.


-The pigeons. Enough said.

-The time I scared Misty on the bottom of the steps to the point of her screaming bloody murder. I did record it but when I was busy laughing so hard it somehow got deleted.

-Barb’s classiness. I hope to one day be as classy as that sweet lady. Also gotta love Dean’s smiling face popping into the store. Those two will forever be reminders of how much of a family Sugar Bowl is.


-My first shoplifter experience. I was absolutely shocked but Mandy was a boss and did not let it happen on her watch.

-Counting inventory with Maddie every year and the countless laughs and frostbit hands we experienced during it all.

-All the conversations about life and fashion and randomness with my dear Sal.


-Tori’s sass. She will forever be one of my favs, even if she was a sassy little one.

-The sprinting up the basement stairs after turning the lights off. The sprinting out of Brown’s even when the lights were on….

-Holly and Liz asking me to be in the Christmas catalog. Yes, we have 50 copies laying around my house.


-Getting to hold Mandy’s sweet baby girl!

-Becoming best friends with Natalie Bellairs and realizing we were never scheduled together because we talked way too much during our shifts.

-The millions of times Celeste drug me into doing projects with her. I am actually really grateful and glad she did because I found out I enjoyed creating displays. Celeste also was such an example for how important hard work really is.

-My epic photobomb:


-Holly’s business intelligence and drive to put the customers and the business before herself.

-I will never forget the music. Lady Antebellum, Adele, and Josh Groban will always remind me of my sweet second home.

-The savory seasoning. Mainly the bugles but that stuff is the greatest.


-The grey ribbon scissors. RIP.

-I will never forget the time in my life when I was really really lost, confused, and unsure of what I wanted or where I needed to go. I cried so incredibly much for weeks. I remember going to work one day and Liz asking if I needed to go home. I told her no and she said something that rang so true to me. “Is it like you are away from your problems when you are here?” That is exactly what it was. I needed to be there to feel normal and safe.

-The laughs, tears, smiles, and memories will forever remain a part of me.


I love the Sugar Bowl and am sad to see such a huge part of my life come to an end. I do know that I will be back all of the time, I will keep in touch, and I will keep all of our good times at the center of my heart.

I love you Holly, Liz, Mandy, Barb, Celeste, Britt, Salli, Misty, Kierra, Ashton, Abby, Kay, Molly, Whitney, Ari, Shelley, Audrey, Shelby, Kaitlain, and all of the people I have met along the way.

Thanks to that business for being my second home and for holding memories I will forever be grateful for.



“How lucky am I to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard.” 

Forever a Sugar Bowl Sweetie,

Mary Rose

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