rad grads

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steph’s outfit:
| jeans | crop top (thrifted) | sneakers | sunnies |

my outfit:
| denim dress | tank | sandals | sunnies |

Before you read this post I have to tell you about the place Steph got her sunglasses! FREYRS has so many rad styles of sunglasses and some are really really really inexpensive. You must check it out for the summer here!

Many of my favorites memories with Stephanie include our little photoshoot days. We always seem to laugh, be goofy, have weirdo people watchers, and chug chai teas. This sweet girl is most definitely the inspiration and support behind many of my posts. Her constant support and creativity gives me the encouragement I need to continue to try new things.

This was our last little photoshoot before graduation and it still seems surreal that we aren’t kiddos anymore. I love this girl and everything she has done for me.

I have been obsessed with the denim anything trend right now. I want to buy a pair of overalls but haven’t found a pair that works well with my body shape! I thought this denim dress was so cute and simple. Also loving the wooden heels I have been seeing a lot lately. These particular ones are not really wooden, but give the same look.

The bell bottom jeans are making an epic comeback. Steph totally rocks them! Her eye for mixing and matching is so cool and new. The greenish blue top goes to well with the light wash. Her little sneakers are all the rage right now and the blush pink color is a great current neutral color to pair with ANY outfit.

Thanks for reading and for all of your support!! I would love for you to share this post if you thought it was cool. The support means so so much!


“the only way to get better is to surround yourself with people who believe in you”



2 thoughts on “rad grads

  1. Oh Mary Rose you are the sweetest gal in the world. I love you so much and our friendship is always going to be one of the best things I received from my college experience. Thank you for everything – for understanding my awkwardness and for supporting anything I try that’s a little out of the norm. xoxo :’)

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