Forever 21 Obsessed

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dress | hat (similar) | shoes (similar) | necklace (similar)

By now you have probably realized I do 90% of my shopping at Forever 21. This is for a few reasons. They are my absolute favorite fast fashion store on the planet, and yes I  have researched, shopped, and checked out many many many fast fashion stores. Forever 21 has new arrivals every single day, and a whole lot of them! They also have clothes that will suite any style you are going for. Their pieces are so trendy and updated. The prices are also outrageously cheap for the most part, and for someone who is 21 the less expensive the better!

There are definitely downsides to Forever. For example, their return policy is kind of for the birds. Also, the quality of the items are known to be lower than many other stores. However my philosophy is that you get what you pay for. I have found some great quality pieces and have kept them for years, and then I have bought items that shrunk 3 sizes after one wash. (That might have been my lack of laundry skills though.)

All in all F21 is bae and will be until I decide I am not really “forever 21” hahaha. I thought I better inform you of why I am madly in love with the store!

On a more important note: I am obsessed with this outfit. My Sugar Bowl hat will forever be a favorite. I love the bohemian look this dress gives. Bell sleeves, open back, and loose fitting make this dress a winner in my book. It would be a great outfit for a concert, a date night, or even a wedding (maybe lose the hat though).

S/O to Jazbo for taking my pictures. She is friendship goals. And S/O to you for reading this post. You are reader goals. Like, comment, share, and all that jazz! Love you all!


“Don’t be upset when people reject you. Nice things are rejected all the time by people who can’t afford them.”



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