Self Love + Self Care

I have recently been reading a lot of blog posts about the importance of self love and self care and it has inspired me to start treating my body right. I thought it was important to write about this because I have developed somewhat of a self care routine that I wanted to share. I have also been treating my mind, body, and soul a little better these days. The reminder that life is short and we are only on this earth for a quick time pushes me to be the best version of me I can be.

Self Love:

I have recently been going to Zumba once or twice a week and at the end of each class our instructor always tells us to hug ourself for being there and for being awesome. It is honestly something I have never done or would have thought to do but I feel myself actually loving myself when I do that. It’s like here is a hug for being you and for being here and for just living in this world. Or a big “I’m just proud of you” to yourself. I also have tried really hard to put better things in my body during the week and live a little on the weekends, which is what I have always done. More recently though I have taken it more seriously and am just noticing that I am feeling so much healthier and happier.

Some know and some don’t that I have struggled in the past with appearance and eating and just self love issues in general and if there is one thing that got me through it, it was this Bible verse that I read every single day during that time and still have in my wallet today. “Lord, the key to the Spirit-led life is my mind-set. Teach me to feed the Spirit and starve the flesh. Father God, through constant use of the solid food of Your Word, help me to train myself to distinguish good from evil.” (Heb. 5:14). By feeding the Spirit with God and positivity and joy and good people we are filling our lives with the right things. It allows us the kind of self love we deserve. I always remind myself when I am feeling greedy or gluttonous or sinful to starve the flesh and remember where those feelings come from. Feed yourself with self love and Him and life will be so much better.

Be nice to others, but remember to be nice to yourself too. You deserve that.

Self Care:

I have made a little list of some things that I do for self care in the morning, night, or just occasionally when I am feeling like I need or want a little extra self care. Your self care routine can include anything that you feel will prepare you for the day and make you feel better throughout it.

Here are just some examples that you could use and some that I even use:

Morning —
*Brush, Floss, Mouthwash (NOTHING makes me feel better than clean teeth…weird I know)
*Drink a big glass of water before anything else
*Go for a walk
*Read a daily devotion or a Bible verse
*Remind yourself of your blessings by either writing them down or thanking Him for them
*Tell yourself you look gooooooood today 😉

Night —
*Clean room / Do laundry / tidy up (this declutters your brain too, trust me I am the queen of mess)
*Light a nice candle
*Use a body lotion
*Drink more water
*Watch your favorite TV show
*Read a daily devotion or end your day with a thankful prayer

*Read a magazine
*Paint your nails
*Go to a fitness class
*Buy yourself something nice
*Eat your favorite food
*Nap it out

These are just examples of things you can add to your self care list, but I feel that it is so important to be good to yourself always. Take care of the body and the mind and the spirit that He gave you and rock it. You only get one shot at this life thing and it is flying buy as you are reading this. Never forget how lucky you are to be here.


“Before we can get controlling thoughts out of our minds, they must become christ-controlled thoughts while they’re inside.” 

love yourself,


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