Vintage Tee

vin1 vin2 vin3 vin4 vin5 vin6

Tee: Preservation // Jeans: Forever 21 // Bandana: Wal-Mart // Shoes: Converse

This look is a little different than what I typically feature on my blog—a little more effortless, a little more grunge. Sometimes you just want to throw your hair in a bun and throw on a tee. Why not do it in style? 🙂 I am mega obsessed with this tee from Preservation (sick of me talking about that store yet? 🙂 and I love it. You can even cut old t-shirts to make them look grungy and different, which I find myself doing a lot.

I absolutely LOVE how my high top converse look with my cropped denim. You could also achieve this look by rolling your longer denim to above the tops of your converse! So cool looking. Finally I threw on this red bandana — courtesy of Wal-Mart people!!!

Thanks for stopping by and for being you. I am always so grateful for people who take the time to check out my posts! You rock.


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