Pink Bomber!

bomber1 bomber2 bomber3 bomber4 bomber5

jacket // jeans // crop top // booties

The moment I laid eyes on this bomber I knew it had to be mine. I really struggled with what color I wanted because Forever had 4 colors and they were all $20 (yeah I was pumped). I go through phases where I tell myself I need to buy more neutrals, and then I go through phases where I tell myself to take more risks. I decided to take a risk on the pink jacket and actually think it isn’t too incredibly crazy and can definitely still be considered a neutral.

I love it with super skinny jeans because it is baggy and oversized. These American Eagle jeans have been my go to jeans since senior of high school.

I also love crop tops under big oversized sweaters and jackets. It just is a nice balance of fitted and not-so-fitted! I threw on my GO TO booties for this fall and think they keep the look edgy!

Thanks so so so much for checking out today’s outfit and for reading! I love the support and feedback on my posts 🙂


“If you can dance and be free and not be embarrassed, you can rule the world.” -Amy Poehler



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