Knee High Boots + Camo Tee!

boots1 boots2 boots3 boots4 boots5 boots6 boots7 boots8 boots9

SHIRT (under $10!) // JEANS // BOOTS (similar) // JACKET

shoutout to Steph for these pics!!

This look is a little bit more bold than I typically go for but I absolutely love the statement the pink jacket and the knee-high boots make! These boots are great because they are a super neutral color, but the lace up portion and the height gives off more of a statement!

I stuck with my go-to skinny jeans from American Eagle to tone down the look. I also went with the camp print shirt because although it has a print it is a very neutral and simple one. Finally I threw on this pink bomber, which looks great over the neutral tee.

Although each piece is a little bit different and maybe not pieces you would typically pair together, they work really well in this look!

Thank you for reading! Share if you liked it and let me know if you have any requests! I am trying to get to a routine with my blog! Thank you thank you thank you for reading!


“You never know who needs you. Good energy is contagious”



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