#BobGetsMaryed: Wedding Dress Shopping!

HELLO HELLO! I have been in wedding planning mode lately and I thought I better do an update to share that I officially have a dress + bridesmaid dresses! I will insert pics here and there throughout this post, but no–none of these are THE ONE so don’t worry!

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I knew I wanted to have a special weekend dedicated to shopping for my dress, because hey—you only get to buy one wedding dress, or at least that is the hope ;). I had been following a few boutiques in the Minneapolis area that other bloggers had went to or recommended. The three places we visited were The White Room (which ended up being amazing + the place I found THE dress), a & be`, and Flutter Boutique (which I LOVED). All three places were adorable and beautiful and had amazingly stunning gowns.

First of all, my mom, sister-in-laws Michelle and Emily, and my best friend Maddie all met me in Minneapolis, where we stayed at a great hotel downtown. They put together the cutest basket of goodies including snacks, mimosa mix, + aspirin (just in case!) 🙂 We had a great dinner on the first night but were well rested for the amazing shopping day ahead.

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Starting at The White Room made the day so so difficult because they had THE BEST customer service, and had extremely unique dresses, as well. They were so kind and let me try on anything and everything I wanted to! I tried on THE DRESS and kept comparing every other dress to it, so at the end of the day we came back for it. I am just over the moon excited about it!

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a & be` was okay! It wasn’t great but wasn’t bad. It definitely didn’t seem as personal as the other two, but I kept thinking about the first dress, so that didn’t help them! They had a huge unique selection and were pretty busy. I would recommend going to this shop because of their large selection!

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We ended at Flutter Boutique, which is owned by one of my blogger friend’s sister-in-law. They were SO SO SO sweet and had a gorgeous shop, although they mentioned they are moving to a new location in the city soon! I found a dress that was a VERY close contender, but at the end of the day we returned to The White Room for my dream dress. Like I said, Flutter was amazing and the girls were so sincere and kind to us, also very understanding that I fell in love with a dress elsewhere.

All in all the weekend was just amazing and I couldn’t have had a better experience. I will forever remember that weekend when looking back on planning this wedding. I cannot wait to wear the dress of my dreams on October 21st!

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Thanks for reading and for being amazing!! I love all my readers and friends so much.


“You are not a drop in the ocean. You are the entire ocean in a drop.”



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