Easy Work Day Wear!

TOP: SheIn (they have so many clothes I searched to link it and COULD NOT find it) // CORDS: old at American Eagle but they have some cute pant options here // SANDALS cute option here or here // LIPSTICK

This is one of my newest tops from SheIn and I swear every time I wear it I receive lots of compliments on it. It is super neutral and easy to pair with just about any bottoms you have. The sleeves are really what make it interesting and fun. I notice that when a shirt has funky sleeves it can sometimes be very annoying, or they can really get in the way. These are fun and big without being annoying or getting in my way, which I feel is important.

These cream corduroys are so old. I got them in high school from American Eagle, but I swear cords almost never go out of style, and white especially is great for the spring! I decided to break out my favorite sandal heels from last season to pair with this super neutral look. Whenever I wear grey, black, brown, white, etc I almost always pair with a really bright lip to add some interest. This color is from Tarte and is called Hangry and is one of their liquid lips. It seriously lasts ALMOST all day!

Thanks a million for reading this post and all of my content lately. I have been feeling inspired to pursue my hobby a little more full force and its already been very rewarding! Thank you thank you.


“There is always something good coming. Remember that.”



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