THE BEST Teeth Whitening Kit Review! + GIVEAWAY

Hello hello my lovelies,

I am coming to you today with my teeth whitening regimen and review on Smile Brilliant! I have been using it for about a month and a half now and absolutely love it! I will start by saying they are an excellent company and have great customer service and speed.
A little background– I have whitened my teeth for as long as I can remember. I just typically use Crest White Strips but always find that my teeth would hurt for a day or two after, and I would only use them once a week because of that very reason.
I decided going along with a new teeth whitening line was the way to go and was something that I could really have a reliable opinion on, considering how much I have whitened my teeth in the past.
Smile Brilliant sent me my original package which includes the kit to make your teeth molds, the teeth whitening gel syringes and the desensitizing gel syringes (LIFE SAVERS).
You create your mold and send it back to the company in the envelope they have provided to you and then you will get your clear retainer like molds within a few days. Then it is time to start whitening!
I didn’t read the directions of course….and used an entire whitening syringe the first use. Let me tell you–it burned so bad. You are supposed to get about 3 uses out of each syringe. I brush my teeth before and after the process! You simply line your molds with the whitening gel and pop them in for about 45 minutes. Once your time is up you can rinse your molds out and line then with the desensitizing gel (LIFESAVER!!!) and pop those in for about 15 to 20 minutes. This is the greatest part of this line. You will have NO sensitivity after your whitening experiences.
I have always been a once a week whitening girl, so that is how I started with my Smile Brilliant kit, too. I learned quickly that because of the desensitizing gel I could use them more frequently. I now use them every couple of days or so. I have seen results that most definitely exceed my Crest White Strips and more comfortable results at that!
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Here are a few other amazing testimonials on the product:
Thank you a million times for reading and I can tell you that this product will make you smile a little brighter.
“The better person you become the better person you will attract.”

Whitening Teeth At Home

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