4 Places you Need to Visit in Historic Valley Junction

MY JEANS // MY BANDANA: Hinge // MY SHOES: DSW..Chinese Laundry


My friend Natalie and I have a friendship that is really very different from many other friendships. It is a friendship that never changes, never waivers, and never judges. I was thinking about all of the things we have done together in Des Moines this far, and I just started to realize that she is someone that I can count on to be my exploring buddy, or my rock and shoulder.

We all need friends like that. I know that I can text her to go hang out and she will be up for it (if she isn’t working, of course). Friends that bring you closer to your purpose and closer to the God that created you for that purpose are people that literally change your life. Natalie is doing that for me and has been for the last 5 years.

Recently we decided to explore our new city and takes some pictures and just enjoy our surroundings. Historic Valley Junction, on the border of West Des Moines and Des Moines, is a popular place in the metro. I have really never spent much time in the shops until we decided to go for it! Here is a little guide of some of our favorites from our day of exploring.

Hinge on 5th — This place was really cool. In a large old home this adorable shop full of furnishings, clothing, jewelry, accessories, and home accessories was a neat find, that I know I will be back to visit again! That is where I found my little bandana I am wearing and where Nat purchased her adorable pink hat! I highly recommend stopping in for a shopping experience.

Nan’s Nummies — The most delicious stop we had on our day of exploring was at Nan’s. This was an adorable little bakery and candy shop! I purchased about 6 chocolates and ate every single one of them. LOL! If you are looking for a sweet treat stop in there. It is adorable — you can’t miss it!

Sisters in the Junction — This place was a blast. We got there moments before they were closing but we each got a few things. They had everything from candles, lotions, a few accessories, home accessories, kitchen gadgets, etc. It was a fun little shop to explore if you are looking for gifts! P.s. the ladies were SO NICE. We were pretty sure they were the owners.

MoMere — This fun little store had great knickknacks and gift ideas too! They had cute wedding gifts and kitchen items. They also had candles, bath bombs, a cute little baby section, and even a whole section for guys gifts. The vibe in there was so welcoming and it smelled amazing! I would definitely recommend stopping in there to check out the store.

Although we didn’t get to stop in every store we wanted to we did get a bit of exploring done and it was a great day. Find a friend that doesn’t poop out on you, one that is up for adventures, big or small, and one that inspires you to live life with a purpose.


“Spend your life with people who make even going to the grocery store an adventure.” (This quote is SO TRUE for our friendship…because we have had adventures in grocery stores ha!!!)



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