3 Ways to be Happier this Summer + Easy OOTD!


This outfit could not be more basic. We both know it clearly did not take much brain power to put together a tank and some shorts. The style of each piece is really trendy and fun for the season, though! The tank has a higher neck, a trend sticking with us from the fall! My shorts are old, but literally I don’t think I will ever get rid of them. I will honestly probably wear them until I am 90. (HA!) They are the “paperbag” style shorts and I love the comfy easy fit of them.

Summer is quickly approaching and this means sunshine, happiness, friends, pools and lakes, + memory making. Here are three things that I have decided to focus on this summer (+ you should consider as well :))

one —- SAY YES.

I am a busy lady and I don’t even know why sometimes. It’s not like I have homework or anything–I just am always busy. I find myself saying “no” to a lot of invites, a lot of friend dates, and adventurous opportunities because I am so busy with things that I eventually forget about. I have already began to say yes to adventures and I can tell that life has been so much fun lately.


Summer is a great opportunity to road trip to your friend’s house, or bring your co-worker an iced coffee in the morning, or even just ask someone how their day was. Little things often mean more than people know. I dare you to compliment someone. Whenever I am complimented I guarantee I remember it and think about it the entire day (and I bet you do that same). Brighten up summer for someone else.


Pictures are my favorite thing in the world. I have been stalking my friend, Kiley, on VSCO lately. I love that she shares pictures every single day of current happenings and her life journey. I feel like I can still be apart of it even when I am not with her. Take pictures, keep a journal, update your Instagram with your current happenings. When gloomy fall comes around you will have lots of memories to remind you of the bright, summer days!

Thanks so so so so much for reading. You guys really are my happiness and my outlet. I hope your summer is full of tank tops, picture taking, + warm adventures!


“A good deed brightens a dark world.”



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