3 Christian Books you MUST read!


Lately I have been getting into reading a little bit more. It might have something to do with the fact that I can find time for a couple pages a day these days, unlike usual. It mainly has to do with the fact that my friend Natalie keeps recommending books to me…

Like I said, I really only have time to read a few pages a day if any. I find myself choosing to read more and more and it helps that the books have been rocking my world.

Many of you know I am getting married like really soon…in like…5 months. That kind of blows my mind. I have been realizing that planning a wedding is A LOT more work than you think about. It is exhausting, stressful, and expensive. A couple of these books have brought me down to reality and remind me the entire purpose of marriage. This brings me to my first book — “You and Me Forever” by Francis and Lisa Chan.

“You and Me Forever” by Francis and Lisa Chan — One thing this book has taught me is the REAL purpose of marriage. And that is to work together to get each other to heaven. There are some frightening realities about life and death in this book that opened my eyes to many parts of the Bible that I was pretty unfamiliar with.

Basically I had always kind of dreamt, assumed, or hoped that soulmates live forever– here and eternally. This book brings us to the realization that actually, our marriages may not really be like that in heaven. Instead heavenly beings are SO IN LOVE with Jesus that we have no room for selfishness and our soulmates. Instead of being madly in love with each other in heaven, we are madly in love with God together in heaven.

The concept is interesting and makes sense with a lot of the scriptural back ups the book provides. If you are getting married, are recently married, or have been married for a while — pick this quick read up. It may actually change the focus of your marriage entirely.

“Swipe Right” by Levi Lusko — Okay so this book — again recommended by Natalie– has brought a lot of thoughts into my brain. The book focuses on “The life-and-death power of sex and romance.” Natalie explained it best to me. It isn’t all, “don’t have sex, it’s sinful, etc etc.” Instead it really hits home about the ABSOLUTE power it has, and the real purpose of it.

Again, anyone in a relationship, not in a relationship, married, etc. etc. you need to read this book. The thoughts and stories will hit home. I almost guarantee it! It is also a super quick read.

“Uninvited” by Lysa TerKeurst — This book absolutely changed my life. It is powerful. I will say I slightly struggled getting going with this book because it really is kind of like a Bible study…It is heavily focused on the word which is great, but can be overwhelming to process, understand, and read.

The main point of the book is to really understand your feelings when you are left out or rejected. She related it a lot to relationships, but I found it more relatable to friendships as I grow up, start life after college, and get married. It really is a powerful read that I highly recommend.

Thanks a billion for reading this and I hope you are inspired to pick up a couple books for your summer reading!


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