#BobGetsMaryed: Engagement Pictures

I remember one specific night after a volleyball game my freshman year of high school pretty well. It was my 15th birthday and Bobby and I had been dating for a few months. It was around the time where I would use all 300 of my limited texts up on him within the first few days of the month. Our conversations were about the easy things — our favorite foods, colors, what we had for dinner, how much homework we had to do, and arranging how we would get to our dates. (We couldn’t even drive yet!)

That night Bobby stuck a pink bottle of nail polish, one of those stretchy diamond looking bracelets, and a bag of Reeses on the seat of my car (he stole my keys from my volleyball bag–how precious). I think back to that a lot. I remember how he was too nervous to give me the gift in person, yet waited to make sure I found it. That kid love was so funny, but that kid love was so real.

The reason for the pink bottle of nail polish is my favorite. It was because I used to ask him what color I should paint my nails, and every time he said, “pink.” I love that. I love that even though we aren’t married — we have some of the greatest memories. We have the awkward and hilarious kid memories. We get to tell the stories of going to Chautauqua park (or as we call it “our park”) every other day during our summers to sit on the swings together. We have the notes we stuck in each others lockers like the one with the drawing of the owl with the words “owl always love you” that he kept in his locker the entire school year.

We are the lucky ones who met each other early and got to make memories during the beginning of life. That is something neither of us will take for granted.

Looking at our engagement pictures takes me back to 2009, when we were kids and crazy and funny and honestly in love. We still are kids in love, but now we are getting married and occasionally — that blows my mind. Like how in the world did we get so lucky?? God really blessed us with a love like no other.

NOTE: Our photos were taken by the AMAZING Cambria Shelley. Literally I cannot say enough good things about her. She is amazing to work with. Honestly you will become best friends with her and I highly recommend her. Check out her Facebook page or her website! She would love to chat with you about your picture needs 🙂


“to love or be love, that is enough. there is no other pearl to be found in the dark folds of life.”



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