Tula Skincare Review

Recently I decided to see what all the hype over Tula was all about. I went ahead and purchased the “Discovery Kit” to try a little bit of everything in travel size form. I have to say I wasn’t as impressed as I expected to be.

I have always been a diehard Rodan & Fields girl (my sister-in-law, Michelle,  sells it on this Facebook page if you are interested!! — it is amazing.) I also always like trying new things out, just to make sure I am not missing out on anything. Tula has been all over everyone’s blogs lately and I had to see what it was all about.

The “Discovery Kit” comes with a Purifying Face Cleanser, Volume Defense Deep Wrinkle Serum, Hydrating Day & Night Cream, and a Revitalizing Eye Cream. I will say that I LOVED two of the products and honestly did not like the other two.

If you are in need of a new cleanser and a new moisturizer I would definitely recommend the Purifying Face Cleanser, which is extremely gentle and smells AMAZING. The Hydrating Day & Night Cream was also one of my favorites in the kit, because it was very light. I have normal to dry skin, so I typically like moisturizers that give me a lot of hydration. This one definitely gave hydration but was not overly moisturizing (does this even make sense?????) hahahaha.

I have to say I did not like the eye cream at all! I believe this is because all of their products seem to be somewhat scented, and my eyes did not react well to whatever was in the eye cream — in fact they would even burn a bit when using this product. I think eye creams are hard to mess up — so I have an inkling it was the scent.

I did not mind the Volume Deep Wrinkle Serum. It really felt great on my skin and was actually pretty moisturizing itself! However, I didn’t notice it to make my skin appear any better in complexion or spots or wrinkles. I haven’t used the product for very long, but I don’t think it was doing much for my skin. I am going to keep trying, but am not very optimistic.

I hope this quick review helped anyone who was interested in the product out. I was anxious to try it, and was really glad I did. The company is really great, and the products and packaging are gorgeous. I think I will be heading back to Rodan & Fields for awhile 🙂

Thank you for reading! Next up is my current favorite products! I am pumped because I have lots of great things to share with you. Happy Friday Eve 🙂


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