sweater: actual // similar (so cute!!)
denim: actual // similar (I really want this pair!)
boots: similar // similar

A couple notes on this outfit: This sweater has been on my body at least once a weekend for the last month. I am obsessed. I am wearing a size small and think it runs a tiny bit big. How adorable is this color for Spring?! These jeans are my #1 favorite pair of jeans I have ever owned. They are also currently on sale!! Levi’s honestly have always caused a little trouble for me, but these are everything. They are in the color Fine Line and I chose the shortest length possible (which is a 28 I believe), because I have really short legs. I would say these have a good amount of stretch, and I could have definitely got a 26 x 28, but I have a 27 x 28 and think they fit great, especially right after a wash. These boots are oldies from Target, but this style is huge right now and I have linked a couple similar pairs above!

currently in love with: Recently I have been trying out a new self tanner that I have really been enjoying. I’m sure you have seen bloggers and influencers talk about the brand Loving Tan. I finally caved and used a promo code to purchase the 2 hour Deluxe Bronzing Mousse in the Dark shade, and I have been pleasantly surprised. I do think it is a little bit pricey, but definitely have been enjoying the long lasting olive toned glow it gives. It lasts about a week, and I haven’t had any issues with it staining any of my clothing or sheets.

i’m finding inspiration from: I typically get most of my inspiration from other bloggers. I love finding out what my top girls are posting about. One of my favorite bloggers lately has been Becky Hillyard, or Cella Jane Blog. She is a midwest girl and has the most amazing style. She mixes a lot of comfy pieces into her everyday wardrobe, which I am all for. She always features really quality basics to grow your closet with. In fact, the famous joggers I have been wearing everywhere that has gifted me tons of compliments were purchased because she first talked about them.

have a little faith: Lately I have been spending a ton of time in my car. I drive a lot and have realized that the only time I am really ever alone is in my car. Recently a friend mentioned that praying in the car has been her favorite type of prayer, so I started picking it up. It has allowed me to really speak out loud to Jesus, to get all of my emotions and requests out, and to fully be present with Him. Honestly, praying in the car has immensely grown my prayer life in the last few weeks, and I am thankful to have started giving that time to Him.

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