this watch though: Recently I have become a Fossil Partner and have never been more stoked about a collaboration! I have always loved Fossil products and their brand, so there was no way I could pass up this opportunity. I have a few products to share with you, but wanted to start with my Fossil Q Neely watch. It is a hybrid watch, so not necessarily a smart watch, but also is not a stupid watch. (ha!). I love the simple leather band and the gorgeous white face. Minimal and timeless are the words that I would use to describe it. It is 100% my kind of watch when it comes to looks.

The smart watch features come when you download the Fossil Q app and pair your watch with your phone’s bluetooth. You then can set up each number on your watch to indicate a different notification. For example, when the watch vibrates and the hands both point to 2 I know that Bobby texted me. When the watch vibrates and the hands both point to 6 I know I received a phone call. You can set this in many different ways and attach it to many different apps, which I love. I do not have my phone on me at work, so this is a great way to know if I need to check something out, without getting too distracted. The other smart feature is that there are three customizable buttons on the side of the watch. I have mine set to notifications, activity and fitness tracker, and camera. You can customize your watch to whatever you prefer, but these are the three that I use the most. One more very important thing… does tell time like a champ! 😉

If you are not all about the smart watch trend, and don’t think you need all the glitz and glam of an Apple Watch then I 100% recommend this watch. It runs on a battery, so no need to worry about charging it every night. Honestly, I love this watch so much, and already think it helps me stay organized in life.

a bit about this outfit: This tee is actually my new favorite thing ever. Anything that says Levi’s I am so drawn to. This particular top is so colorful, and so comfy! It is a great tee to have for the summer, as I know I will wear it constantly. You won’t believe me when I tell you that this amazing jacket is from F21! The fit, the color, and the crop is perfect for the spring. Like I mentioned, it is cropped, so keep that in mind if you are wanting it for an everyday jacket. I decided to order a medium and think it was a safe size move, but could have also done a small. These jeans are not new to the blog. They are my trusty Preservation Wrangler jeans that I adore so much. My booties are from DSW (DUH!). They are the perfect black bootie. They are great with jeans, but also great with dresses!

currently in love with: I have been loving brighter lipsticks again. I used to wear pretty bright colors in college, but kind of strayed away for a while. My current obsession is a orangey red shade that I am wearing in these photos! It is a light application of Chili Pepper from the new Sephora Cream Lip Stain collection. These do last forever and ever. This color is so bold that I had to put a nude over top of it because I couldn’t take the intensity!

i’m finding inspiration from: Life has been a little bit crazy lately. I have a lot on my mind and on my plate and I have turned to God more now than I ever have. Because of this I can tell that everything is working out the way it should. He is taking over all of the confusing parts of my life and giving me rest. This has given me time to focus on my blog, on cleaning up my life and home, and on things that make me happy. This week I am finding inspiration from God.

have a little faith: Jess and Gabe Conte are a close second of my favorite YouTubers to watch. (Kristen Johns will always be #1). If you know me you know I am very obsessed with YouTube vlogs. The Conte’s are so fun to watch because Gabe is hilarious, Jess is the sweetest, most adorable girl, and their love is so admirable. They are a young married couple that focuses a lot on Jesus. ANYWAYS — They also sing and are pretty dang good at it. They are releasing a worship album cover of 5 songs called Greater and I will be honest…it isn’t even out until April 24th…but I am SO EXCITED! I know I will love it and will want to share it with everyone.

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