All of these tops were found at my local Goodwill, and I am in love with every single one of them. I definitely will be wearing these all of the time, and have already wore them quite a bit. I got 5 tops and a pair of jeans for $25. What a bargain!

currently in love with: In the last month I have decided to make getting my nails done a priority in my life. It is something that always makes me feel more put together, I think it is important to treat yourself, and I enjoy that time to myself. If you haven’t tried the dip powder manicures I highly recommend. I find that my nails don’t get as damaged and grow extremely quickly with it on!

i’m finding inspiration from: I have been in the mood to freshen up my home a bit. I have lived here for over a year now, and feel like it is getting to the point of being finished. Lately I have been finding lots of home inspo on Pinterest that is making me want to freshen everything up. I recently swapped out living room rugs, redid my coffee table, and moved a few accessories around.

have a little faith: Do you ever feel like you are in a faith rut? I know that faith should be my absolute number 1 priority…and most of the time it is. Sometimes I find myself slipping, or even pushing my faith life under the rug. That is kind of where I have been at in the last few weeks. Do you have something that gets you back on track? What is something that inspires you to keep growing in your faith?

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