DRESS: actual (under $20 + I am wearing a Medium) // similar

SHOES: super similar // similar(LOVE!)

BAG: actual (I live and breathhhhhh for this bag. Luckily I was gifted it!) // similar (so cute!)


currently in love with: I have an OBSESSION you guys. If you have ever struggled with your skin….who hasn’t?!…then you need need need this product. My bestie Lindsey sells Beauty Counter and knows I will try pretty much anything she recommends. She was pushing the Overnight Resurfacing Peel on me for awhile and wow. It is NO JOKE. She gave me a sample of this stuff and I have been scraping it out of the jar because it is already working wonders. This peel has my skin feeling like an absolute dream when I wake up. I also have some acne scars and am noticing a huge difference in the color of them. Also — I do think this helps reduce the size of my very visible pores. This stuff is pricey….but I am telling you there is NOTHING like this.

i’m finding inspiration from: For once I am working hard to find inspiration from myself. I know that sounds a little silly maybe, but I am always trying to replicate this or look like that, and lately I have been working on being the best version of myself. It takes a lot of time and effort to do so, but how cool is it to believe in yourself?!

have a little faith: I wrote last week that I was in a little bit of a faith slump and was looking for some guidance out of it. The thing that always pulls me back in and closer to God is worship music. My favorite favorite song right now is “Yes I Will” by Vertical Worship. Although this is a super popular song right now, I know not everyone is super familiar with worship music. This song is one that I blare and I nod my head to and I pat my heart to. It motivates me to put Him first in EVERYTHING I do. That’s what it is all about.

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