SHOES – ACTUAL // SIMILAR(I love these!!)





currently in love with: Today I thought I would share two of my holy grail fall lip colors. I do have an all time favorite lipstick that I have probably talked about many times on my blog before. It is Tulle from Colourpop. Only $6.50!? How can you pass it up. I swear every. single. time. I wear it I receive compliments. The weird thing is that the makeup artist that did my makeup on my wedding day CHOSE THAT COLOR without having a clue that it was my fav (I did tell her that I wanted a deep reddish shade). But how crazy?! One note of warning. These are SO MATTE and decently drying…so I always make sure to put chapstick underneath it. My other favorite for everyday wear is Velvet Teddy from MAC. It is such a flattery deep beige brown shade. It isn’t too dark, which is what makes it very wearable everyday!

i’m finding inspiration from: I recently attended a conference through work (DM AD day) and was pretty inspired by a few words of one of the speakers. He talked about how authenticity in brands is so impossible to find. Brands, “influencers”, creatives, businesses, and blogs are all so similar today, but when someone is different and true to themselves – that is when they stand out and become believable and relatable. So I urge you to reconsider what you post, what you buy, what you talk about. Is it true to who you are? Will it lead other’s to know the real you? Will it make you feel more confident in the YOU that you are supposed to be? Yes? Do it! No? Reconsider it.

have a little faith: If you haven’t been listening to Lauren Daigle’s new album “Look Up Child” I urge you to do so NOW. I am the type of person that doesn’t normally like an entire album, but rather a few songs here and there from an album. This CD album is amazing, inspiring, moving in all of the best ways. My favorite song is Love Like This. The words are beautiful, but her voice allows you to feel the words on the deepest level. It’s truly SO great!

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