currently in love with: Lately I have been obsessssssing over these phone cases from Caseapp. I have only had it on my phone for a week or so and have received TONS of compliments on how cute it is. The company is super cool – you can design your own phone cases (or just choose a design they already have like I did). They seriously have the cutest options. I have a discount code if you are thinking of getting a case for 20% is MARYROSEIVEY20. I am sure you

i’m finding inspiration from: I feel like over the last year or so this little journey of blogging has brought so many people into my life. It is amazing how Instagram can connect you with people you otherwise may not have ever crossed paths with. One of my fav girls that I recently met is Alexis Puebla, or High Heels and a Briefcase. First of all she is gorgeous, and has the best way with words EVER. Her and I are at similar stages of life and I am so lucky to have met her. I know our friendship is only going to grow. I highly recommend you give her a follow.

have a little faith: Something in our gospel at church this weekend stood out to me and really moved me to think about the way I am giving and serving in my community. I have heard the need and the ask countless times. “We need volunteers for this” “Please consider giving for that.” But I never took it seriously. It has really never spoken to me like it did in the reading this weekend. Jesus said it is difficult (like really really really difficult) for the wealthy to get into heaven, but those who serve, who give their possessions, and who take care of the poor have it much easier. It has never hit me as hard as hearing Jesus say how difficult it is for the rich to get into heaven. I am far far far from rich, but I don’t think that was the point. It took that for me to realize I need to work harder to give of my possessions (and time!). I encourage you to think about this, and to do the same if you feel called.

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