Skirt – Goodwill // Similar
Top – Zara // Similar
Boots – Forever 21 // Similar
Necklaces – Forever 21 // Similar // Similar
Hair Scarf – Forever 21 // Similar // Similar

currently in love with: Lately I have been more into thrifting than ever before. Not going to lie – I used to be a little bit nervous about used clothes – but after giving thrifting a second chance I found a few ways to get past the nervousness and discover some amazing gems. I have found that I have the best luck in the neutral sections. My Goodwill arranges by type and then color within that type. Black, white, tan, brown etc are the colors I sift through typically. Another tip to make thrifting more enjoyable (and more of a fun game!) is to give yourself a budget. I almost always give myself a $20 budget when I hit up Goodwill – and I almost NEVER go over that budget. A few of my other favorite things to browse at Goodwill include baskets, denim (mainly men’s denim is where the gems are), and men’s long sleeve shirts. You would be surprised at all of the goodies you can find when you are looking in the right places!

finding inspiration: I find myself really struggling to answer this prompt this week. Often times the same things, people and places are what inspire me. Lately, I haven’t felt super inspired or creative and would, of course, like to be motivated to be more creative. What are your outlets? Who inspires you? Where do you go to find that spark again?

have a little faith: I am Catholic, however, I still enjoy listening to other sermons from other denominations. The way I see it – I can never stop learning and growing in my faith, and if someone inspires that growth then why not give them the time? For me, I have always always been a fan of two podcasts/sermons. Life.Church and Fresh Life Church. I have occasionally tuned in to their live services on Sunday (because they have so many!). Life.Church’s sermon this weekend was the start of a series I can’t wait to hear more from. It is called “One Minute After You Die” and it dives deep into scripture and prepares us for all of the glories that are to come. In fact, it really works to shift your mindset from earthly “things” to having a more eternal mindset.


One thought on “GOODWILL LOVE.

  1. Craig wants your mom and me to shop more often at Goodwill. Thanks, I think! I do browse SOS and have found good items there, too! 💗


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