Meet Mary

This website was created in May 2015 as an outlet for my love of fashion, beauty + happiness. Although this isn’t my main job, it is indeed one of my favorite parts of life. Sharing style inspo and current life happenings excite me, and I am glad you are here for the journey.

My style changes constantly with the season, trends and my  (ever-changing) mood. Lately I have been into more bohemian pieces and have been shopping in stores like Lulu’s, Boohoo, Tobi and Zara. (but let’s be real Forever 21 is my jam.)

I am a 22 year old interior designer in the sweet little state of Iowa. I love spending time with my family, friends and cats. Thanks for stopping by! Your views mean more than you know to me!

This site is a destination for all things Mary. Although I love clothing, beauty products, and shopping, you will also see posts about my friends and family, as they are my happiness!

I hope this site helps you love life a little bit more, and I hope you leave a bit happier!



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